Wednesday, October 12, 2005


A couple of things I want to drop on y'all real quick for this week-

My homeboys Mr. Martel & The Earl had me as a guest on their very dope internet radio show at a few weeks ago. I had a great time kickin' it with them about everything I am up to these days as well as some stuff I did back in the days, plus of course we talked about where hip hop is today (don't worry, I didn't dis all things new with my old school ass). You can check out the audio from this interview right hurr.

Also I popped up in the new and improved GROUND LIFT MAGAZINE (the old Breakz 4 Dayz site, now revamped) not too long ago. My man Nigel hit me up with the vital questions and I gave it back to 'em uncut and raw. Check out the whole site and most definitely check what I have to say to my Ground Lift homies.

Now we come to the payoff: a couple more Soulman Remixes from the mid 90's. The links for last two I posted, the De La Soul and Pharcyde remixes, went dead but they are back in effect for a limited time only, so get your download on while you can. And be sure to check the blog at least once a week so that you don't miss any of the music downloads (by the way, anybody know of any better methods of posting MP3's than I know Rapidshare too, but any other more permanent alternatives that are either free or cheap as hell?) Holla at a pimp on the e-mail at if you have any solutions.

This is a remix I did of "If I Ruled The World" by Nas f/ Lauryn Hill... understandable smooth shit that backpackers move with. Went over well with the headwrap and incense crowd in the 90's.

Next we have two, count 'em, two remixes of this somewhat obscure record by hardcore Philly kids Da Youngstas and their Queensbridge counterparts Mobb Deep. I did two smoothed out takes on "Bloodshed And War", the first utilizing a vibey Roy Ayers sample, and on the second I just said "f**k it" and got all Keith Sweat on 'em (and don't say schitt about no played out high pitch vocal samples, this was at least 5 or 6 years before Kanye hit big with that technique!).

I know some of these 90's remixes may be a little too mellowed out for some o' y'all thuglifers out thurr, but we will be coming with the rugged and raw too, so keep checking me out. WEEKLY. This is important, or you may miss some stuff when the yousendit links die off.

Any feedback can be sent to ya boy at or you can just post a comment, whatever is cool for you. I will soon be giving all the info on some new Soulman mix cds, new records coming out on World Of Beats and also check out my Ebay auctions- seller name p.eugene (rare random rap cassette tapes ending tomorrow!). One.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Monday, October 03, 2005


Going through my many boxes of tapes, I rediscovered a lot of stuff that I hadn't thought about in years. Demos I did with people I haven't seen in over a decade, songs that I don't even remember doing, probably a hundred cassettes with Friday night rap show s taped from the radio. Mixtapes, crude remixes, even a tape of me freestyling (badly) over "Funky Drummer" that I recorded in a little closed down private hospital that I was working as a security guard at back in the mid 80's, and another one with me saying Slick Rick rhymes while this bum named Spoony Zee beatboxes! Crazy stuff, mane. In the weeks to come I'm gonna dig out some stuff that's worth putting up on the blog, so keep checking back on the reg so you don't miss anything- right now I'm rockin' the yousendit links, and I think they only last for like a week, right? Be sure to visit at least once a week and see what's new, fool.

One interesting thing I came across were these cassettes that I did a little artwork on. Mingering Mike ain't got sh*t on me! (just kidding... M.M. is the man, no doubt.) Anyway, check out a few of my joints from 1984. Those were the days, man... nothing better to do than cut up breaks in the crib, practice those windmills and backspins, write rhymes and sit around vandalizing innocent cassette tapes with paint markers!

More to come....

Friday, September 30, 2005


Okay, this is my first attempt at dropping some exclusive audio on this brand new blog of mine. If you like and want more, holla at a pimp and I'll keep diggin' old stuff out of my moldy ass closet full of old stuff. If I don't hear from y'all I will just continue sitting on my ass eating these Acme apple struedel bites and watching VH1's Hip Hop Honors for the 54th time (y'all do realize that Kane killed it, right?). But I've been sitting on tapes and tapes of joints that have only been heard by a handful of people, so it's like what the hell- might as well put it out there for whoever may be interested.

We'll start off with this little remix of De La Soul's "Stakes Is High" that the kid did back in, oh, what year was that? '95? '96? '97? One of those damn years, I don't even remember. I just recall that a lot of fools was fiendin' for a copy of this whenever I played it for them. The plan at the time was to do a 12" with about four remixes of rap joints that were somewhat popular at that time. Of course, I got bored with the project and never finished it up as planned.
Looking at how much rap has changed recently it's almost hard to believe that the original version of "Stakes" was actually getting radio spins and even made the Power 99 "Nine At Nine" here in my homebase of Philly- meaning that mad kids were calling in and requesting it for the countdown. Sadly, I can't see any hip hop that sounds even remotely like a De La Soul record getting that kinda love from the skreets these days. How the times change...

And we'll back that up with another lost Soulman remix, this one being "Runnin'" by The Pharcyde. Another one that went over pretty well when I first hooked it up. I'm taking these joints right off of hissy old cassette tapes, so please excuse any lack of high fidelity. You know I likes it grimey anyway!
I hope somebody out there gets a kick out of these fossils I found in my tape boxes. I got some others I hope to drop on y'all soon, some with interesting stories behind them (hint: Tommy ain't my mutha f**kin' boy).

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Some of y'all may already know about the first arists on the World Of Beats label, my boys G.U.N Greed's Ultimate Nemesis. We've just released their debut record, "The Greedy Ultimate EP", and we've gotten a lot of good reviews on it so far. It's a grind trying to get it out there, though- there are sooooo many damn records being released every week that it's easy to get lost in the sauce, even if you come out on a big label with some luchi behind the project. When you're a little dude with limited funds and resources and you're trying to go against the grain as far as the kind of music you're putting out? Oh, lawd! It is not easy, mane. But we is pushin' along like Tribe when Jarobi was a member.
G.U.N's latest interview can be found at the Baghat Vinyl site (peace to my dude Dave for the exposure and shout out to that fool George Pimpton for the nice Q's).

Friday, September 23, 2005

Heyyyy... what it do, pimpin'. It's ya boy The Soulman (better known to "random rap" afficianados as Phill Most Chill) back in effect with my brand spankin' new bloggy blog WORLD OF BEATS v2.0. I know that many of you who have checked out my website know that I have been M.I.A. from those pages for, like, years. I have also been missing from my most current magazine spots, GRANDSLAM and BIG DADDY, I would guess because those magazines no longer exist.
So, where have I been and why am I not dead yet? Those who regularly frequent the legendary know that I have indeed been active, sarcastically battling in the name of all that is "that real sh*t" (seems that this is what I was born to do, unfortunately... I say unfortunately because this is not a very lucrative life-calling).
I have also just launched a new record label, WORLD OF BEATS RECORDINGS LLC. The label's primary focus is not to hit the top of the charts and go multi-plat (although we at W.O.B. are not adverse to that if it were to somehow happen), but to give listeners an alternative to what is happening in today's popular rap music. In other words, we keeps it real. I know, I know... "fool, you ain't gon' make NO money with that kinda sh*t, mane!" Well, what did I tell you earlier? My life-calling just is not a lucrative one, but like a teacher who risks his / her life attempting to teach kids what's really good in South Central or someplace, I think it is a neccessary one. I will hopefully give more reports as I embark on whatever further adventures I embark on with this and other projects.
For now, this is just a test as I figure out how this blog sh*t works. Seems pretty simple. Dag, if I knew I coulda done this so easily I woulda been bloggin' it up ever since I stopped writing the columns on my old website! Future plans will be to fill you in on all the new haps goin' on in my world, but also take you back into my past with old school pics, audio, stories, whuteva. And of course there will be the bitter old man rants about what is wrong with rap music today- it just wouldn't be right if I didn't go there. But I may also SHOCK young herbs worldwide when I talk about new rap music that I actually do enjoy (it won't be much, though- deal with it, batches).
A-ight, so, uhh... bye, n*ggas!

This blog sh*t is FUN, dammit! Let's see how easy it is to drop a flick into the mix... okay, this is like really REALLY easy, dude. Here is a pic of me before I was Soulman or even Phill Most Chill, so you know we goin' back back WAY back like a troglodyte. This is Phantastic Philly Phill M.C. (on the right) rockin' the mic in the cribbo while his partner Scratchmaster Rob gets loose on the ones and twos. Godfather hat, Yankees jacket, Cazals, Sergio Valente denim joint, straight legged Lees with permanent creases... dog, we was doin' it! More to come later...