Friday, September 23, 2005

Heyyyy... what it do, pimpin'. It's ya boy The Soulman (better known to "random rap" afficianados as Phill Most Chill) back in effect with my brand spankin' new bloggy blog WORLD OF BEATS v2.0. I know that many of you who have checked out my website know that I have been M.I.A. from those pages for, like, years. I have also been missing from my most current magazine spots, GRANDSLAM and BIG DADDY, I would guess because those magazines no longer exist.
So, where have I been and why am I not dead yet? Those who regularly frequent the legendary know that I have indeed been active, sarcastically battling in the name of all that is "that real sh*t" (seems that this is what I was born to do, unfortunately... I say unfortunately because this is not a very lucrative life-calling).
I have also just launched a new record label, WORLD OF BEATS RECORDINGS LLC. The label's primary focus is not to hit the top of the charts and go multi-plat (although we at W.O.B. are not adverse to that if it were to somehow happen), but to give listeners an alternative to what is happening in today's popular rap music. In other words, we keeps it real. I know, I know... "fool, you ain't gon' make NO money with that kinda sh*t, mane!" Well, what did I tell you earlier? My life-calling just is not a lucrative one, but like a teacher who risks his / her life attempting to teach kids what's really good in South Central or someplace, I think it is a neccessary one. I will hopefully give more reports as I embark on whatever further adventures I embark on with this and other projects.
For now, this is just a test as I figure out how this blog sh*t works. Seems pretty simple. Dag, if I knew I coulda done this so easily I woulda been bloggin' it up ever since I stopped writing the columns on my old website! Future plans will be to fill you in on all the new haps goin' on in my world, but also take you back into my past with old school pics, audio, stories, whuteva. And of course there will be the bitter old man rants about what is wrong with rap music today- it just wouldn't be right if I didn't go there. But I may also SHOCK young herbs worldwide when I talk about new rap music that I actually do enjoy (it won't be much, though- deal with it, batches).
A-ight, so, uhh... bye, n*ggas!


At 12:21 PM, Blogger Allison and Emma said...

You hiring at this new label?

At 1:18 PM, Blogger Phill Most The Soulman said...

Well, Allison... that all depends. It mostly depends on what skills you have and if you are willing to work for free. If you have skills that would help us carry out our daily functions and you want absolutely no remuneration whatsoever (except for an occasional promo item here and there), then YOU ARE HIRED! Holla if interested.

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